Lunch & Learns

Thank you for your interest in becoming a sponsor for an ASDA Lunch & Learn. Lunch & Learns are a great opportunity for our students to learn about dental-related topics and for organizations to begin relationships with future dental professionals. Please keep in mind that the purpose of a Lunch & Learn is to educate our students, not for participating organizations to directly promote specific companies, products, or services.

All ASDA members are invited to Lunch & Learns (approx 300 students), and we use an RSVP system to get an estimate attendance.  The prices are listed below as well as FAQ's. At this time DS1s and DS2s have seperate Lunch & Learns from the DS3s and DS4s due to class schedules. We can also arrange Dinner & Learns for the DS3/4s for the same cost. 

To sponsor a Lunch & Learn, please fill out the link below and our coordinator will contact you soon. We will try our best to be flexible with dates while working around class schedules. 

Let us know if you prefer to limit to certain class years, as well as if you are interested in an after hours/happy hour event. 

Thank you for your interest, we look forward to seeing you soon!

Please contact us for more information about pricing!

We start Lunch & Learns at 200 students first come first serve, but if the RSVP numbers are below the next tier, we will refund you the difference. 



The Answers You Need


Can I pass out any materials?

Yes, you may distribute flyers and/or samples.

How do I pay for the LnL and when is payment due?

We accept check, Venmo, or credit cards. Note there is a 2.5% charge for using credit card. Payment needs to be received no later than the day of the event. The treasurer will contact you to arrange this.

Can I have materials sent by mail ahead of time?

Yes, students LOVE free promotional items. Feel free to contact us for information on where to send them. We will have them available for you at the LnL.

When can I start setting up the room?

There is often a class using the room up until 10 minutes to the hour. You may arrive earlier and wait in the hall until the room is free. Usually there is plenty of time to set up while students are arriving from classes.


Get in touch

Scott Block [Lunch & Learn Coordinator]